Free adrenaline, also known as epinephrine

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine are released in our bodies when we get scared or frightened.

When frightened, your body floods with the hormone adrenaline. This skyrockets your heart rate and blood pressure.

Even thou I have researched and learned a lot about spiders, it always amaze me when one runs over my hand unexpectedly.

The adrenaline is undescribable.



You Composed my Being

Your breath into mine is like a perfect composed symphony. A ground-breaking classical. I gasp for more and more. Your lips are fatally essential to me.

Your touch on my skin is a complete exploration as to why good things happen only in good time. And it was measures to what I had to put into it.

I promise to promise to complete every step that we will conquer together. I will immerse myself with you.

When I ascend my hands into yours, I instantly feel relieved and I know that I know that you will always be with me and you will always be mine.

I cant always promise you the best, but I can promise to always give you my best.

You alone are the innovated theme to my hart, my expectance, my existence.  My true and only love.

You delight my morning when I see that you are with me. You put the dance into my eyes. The laughter into my heart.

You are my clarity. You are my restoration. You are my favorite tune.

Into every silent night, I will steal every second with you next to me.

I want you to feel my love. I will fall to my knees and I will make you mine forever more. I will bind our love with a that special promise. When you say I do.

I do.


Taking that Perfect Moment and Making it last Forever

To live your life without any regrets. This philosophy is not possible. It is and will always be our human nature to fail and have regrets.

Never regret a moment.

In a single moment your hole life can change. It is all about that moment. That single second when you have to make that choice. Not knowing and even knowing the outcome.

Life is about knowing the unknown. 

I had the perfect second, that ultimate moment that I wanted to stretch out and make it last for the rest of my life.

But that moment was taken from me and I yet realized that it was again stolen.

In my despair and in my broken moment I was lost in my stolen second.

If I had that moment all over again I would take that second and make it two.

From this second forward, I’m only living for that moment. That moment when I can see you again.

I Can Loose Everything In This World – But I Cannot Loose You

On Tuesday a good old friend reminded me as to how special true love is. How special my love is.

To be completely, utterly and insanely in love with the person that feels exactly the same as you do. In my years I have experienced that this is rare. If you find it, don’t let go.

The past Saturday I lost everything because of a brakein  for the second time in my life. It felt like my life was scattered into pieces like broken glass. I was disappointed and discussed with cruel unkind people.

But then the sound of her gentle, kind and loving voice reminded me that our love will conquer it all. Because of her true love I could see beauty again and I knew that things will work out even if it took a little bit longer. Love always wins.

Saturday reminded me how special life is. How one judgement mistake could cost you everything, even your life. Why must I not trust people, what has this world come to.

We live in a cruel and unkind world. People say things and do things without thinking twice because of their selfish nature. People will always put themselves first without even thinking about you.

But even thou some people are like this, there are people that are not.

I refused to be statistic again. I went onto facebook and I shared the news of the brake in, in my town and I attached a picture of his face. Because of caring people and over 400 shares they were arrested.

I truly hope that all of you have someone special next to you in times of need. The one that loves you wont hurt you. They shouldn’t.


I enjoy English poetry – Poetry for you my Love

I loved doing Shakespeare in school.

I think that we all need a little Shakespeare in our lives.

Shakespear is a love note to be discovered. The very much unexplained.

I was writing a post earlier when I accidentally deleted my writing that I was about to post.

My post was about loving and hurting. Tears in my hart.

These bloody smart phones are not always that smart.

Its very easy being your own Shakespeare. To my own surprise.

With all my love I would love thee.

But could and would this be it?

What more than this love could be needed. Could this be it?

We would think its all. i would.

You that are perfectly loved could put the blame on me. Why don’t you?

I am the reason you could not love me better. Not love me more. But you want to love me more.

You you with me are better than me are already perfect. But still I complete you.

Already more than perfect for me.

Tears I have not had is already hurting.

But I know that I know even thou I had no tears yet.

That you are my every tear drop worth.

hurt you? no. That would be my own dagger.

I would never tear you hart. Not me.

Game, Set, Match – The Game is not always about winning

When playing chest the most important move is always the next move. You have to think ahead and know the opponents next move. Know via calculation what move will follow when they make it.

I have met my match. There is no move I am able to calculate what will follow next. I cant plan anything ahead. Yet I know I have met my match, my perfect match. But this game I cannot lose even if I do lose. I will lose my Queen for her any day. As she is indeed the stronger player.

Young, beautiful, courageous and always my winner.

I have realised in my 32 years that it is okay not to be the stronger player and to submit to someone more bold and the stronger one.

I am one of those individuals that like someone to know whats best for me and I would agree with her because she would be correct.

Surround yourself with strong people. Or at least someone to look up to. If that’s your life partner its even better.

Im putting trust in the woman I love.

I am Perfectly Loved

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to realized that I am perfectly loved.

I truly am. I am perfectly loved by the woman I love. I love it when she says we are made for each other.

Do you tell the person you love how special they are? That is something I will always regret in my past relationship. I should have told her more often how special she is. Even thou we are not mend to be together, she still deserved to have know that.

I hope that all of you get loved by someone as special as my girlfriend. She should give classes, there should be better statistic for all kinds of relationships. Gay or straight.

Timing is everything

Almost like the quote: “Money makes the World go Round and Round”

Timing is everything. One second to early and you are early, one second late and you are too late.

One morning last week my phone rang at 06:30. It was still dark outside and I was in a hurry again. Story of my life…

But my favorite song was playing that is also my ringtone. Now If I receive a phone call that time of the morning it could only mean something is wrong and someone needs to get urgently hold of me. But I didnt know my phone was ringing as it was also playing on my Bluetooth.

When I did realized I saw that the same number tried to phone me the whole morning. And as I looked a car came past me, I didnt see the car at all.

Something I never do. I am never on my phone while I drive. I have slept in jail because of it. But it was well deserved I should have never been on my phone.

Was I on that phone I would have gotten myself killed. I swerved and then I slowed down. This love that I have for this woman effects every single thing that I do.

I find myself no eating, sleeping, not painting, no fotos or anything. I am like a puppy in love. She can rub me around her fingers and tell me I should fly to the moon and back and I will.

We have four nights left and then I see her again. Its the most amazing feeling I have ever had. It is so overwhelming that I cant seem to keep it together.

And then comes today, my uncle phoned and told my aunt to tell me to cancel my arrangement and go work for him.

Timing is everything. For some reason me and this amazing woman just cant seem to get to each other. There is always just to much happening that we just dont end up together. But this time I cant let go of her. She is my world. She makes my world go round and round. If I dont see her in four nights I wonder what will happen.

If four days away from her feels like this, I cant imagine what a mess I will be when I leave her after my visit. That will be one of the hardest things I will have to ever do and being Bipolar stoned does not help at all.

This is why I like to plan things far ahead as timing is everything.