Taking that Perfect Moment and Making it last Forever

To live your life without any regrets. This philosophy is not possible. It is and will always be our human nature to fail and have regrets.

Never regret a moment.

In a single moment your hole life can change. It is all about that moment. That single second when you have to make that choice. Not knowing and even knowing the outcome.

Life is about knowing the unknown. 

I had the perfect second, that ultimate moment that I wanted to stretch out and make it last for the rest of my life.

But that moment was taken from me and I yet realized that it was again stolen.

In my despair and in my broken moment I was lost in my stolen second.

If I had that moment all over again I would take that second and make it two.

From this second forward, I’m only living for that moment. That moment when I can see you again.

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