1. nataliescarberry · August 6, 2017

    Hurting people hurt other people or creatures. 🙂 ❤

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  2. amybelle · August 6, 2017

    I completely get frustrated with this too. x


  3. charlypriest · August 6, 2017

    You do know the answer, there ea re a bunch of assholes out there

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  4. Savita Shetty · August 8, 2017

    Yes indeed, why? Truly, it’s a big question.

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  5. Natasja Vermoten-Schreuder · August 8, 2017

    Agree on your question…

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  6. helentastic67 · August 9, 2017

    Should we consider the personality traits of a psychopath? Or just not someone very evolved? Very thought provoking. Because most people go out of their way to tread gently on this planet. Not hurt others. Cheers,H

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  7. Miguel Lomelino · August 10, 2017

    There are people who are just sick in their heads…. Contact me, I would like to correspond with you (see my blog)

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  8. New England Nomad · August 11, 2017

    Unfortunately, it tends to be a cycle. Those who have been abused often repeat this behavior. It’s no excuse though. I wish it didn’t happen.

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  9. Antonio · August 18, 2017

    the answer is very difficult!

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