The Man in the Mountains

This weekend was definitely a tick off from my bucket list. I had the privilege of learning from a man that sells his art on the mountains. A brilliant artist.

He invited me to join him and I did. I could watch him paint for hours long. Every time I had a looked at my watch the day was over and it was time to pack up again. Time is nothing when you are painting next to the coast and on the mountains.

It was such a pleasure and I enjoyed every moment of it. But today he handed me a small Canvas and told me to paint. It was my first Oil painting I have ever done. I think that I am in love with oil paint.

He asked me not to mention his name, that I do respect but I wish I could tell the hole world of this talented awesome gentlemen that I met and that is willing to take time out of his life to be so kind and teach me something.

On Friday I blogged about being kind to others and this weekend I was blessed to receive it. What a awesome weekend.